Long-Term Equity Financing Solutions

At VCP, we drive transformation and create sustainable value for the real estate industry. With our innovative and customized equity financing solutions, we have successfully structured and funded some of the most transformative projects across the U.S.

Harrah’s Casino Conversion

Our groundbreaking construction financing arrangement worth $100,000,000 facilitated the conversion of the iconic Harrah’s Casino in downtown Reno, NV, into a mixed-use development. This monumental adaptive reuse project will house apartments, retail outlets, offices, and commercial areas and become the largest in the U.S.

At VCP, we are proud to be driving forward the adaptive reuse movement and transforming how urban spaces are utilized.

Luxury Apartment Complex in the SoFA District of San Jose, CA

In San Jose’s vibrant SoFA District, we financed a luxurious 104-unit apartment complex with comprehensive funding totaling $58,000,000. Our financing package includes construction financing, mezzanine financing, and preferred equity financing, reflecting our commitment to providing tailored financing solutions that meet each project’s unique needs. VCP believes that quality residential spaces contribute to building thriving communities.


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At VCP, we believe transforming real estate is more than building spaces. As a trusted partner, we aim to create transformational projects that generate sustainable value and inspire change. With our customized equity financing solutions, we are committed to fostering growth and transforming communities across the U.S. Partner with us and let us create enduring change together. Contact us today.